Scheduled Property Maintenance

Weekly Mowing - includes mowing , trimming/edging, blowing off driveway, patio and sidewalks. Gives a constant fresh cut look with defined even edges so your yard looks pristine all year long.

Power Raking / Dethatching - Power raking a lawn, also called dethatching, is a great way to remove the buildup of excess dead plant material, improve water and nutrient flow to the roots and to stimulate new grass growth. Heavy thatch can choke grass plants, protect weeds and insects from the chemicals that fight them, and increase runoff from rain and watering.

Aeration - The simple process of core aeration produces many benefits for the lawn, including: Improving the ability for roots to draw in and utilize water. Decreasing the compaction level of the soil. Allowing the intake of nutrients and fertilizer. Improving roots strength. Minimizing the pool of water and eliminating runoff.

Fall/Spring Cleanup - cleaning out debris in islands and grass such as leaves, needles, broken branches ext. note its important for debris to be cleaned up due to mold build up under leaves which will hurt grass and shrubs also bugs and pests will create homes and nests in the debris build up!

Shrub & Tree Pruning - Pruning is done to remove parts of the plant that are no longer useful. There are many reasons why these parts might no longer benefit the plant. Some reasons are functional and will improve the health of the plant. Other reasons are purely aesthetic and will enhance or change the look of the plant. 

Sprinkler Blowouts